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Lexington Creative Design

Let's Create A Unique Experience

Lexington Creative Design is a local creative agency in Central Kentucky, focused on custom, affordable solutions for your startup, small business, or non-profit organization. We provide quality services ranging from websites and creative media to digital marketing and immersive technologies. The end result will be 100% tailored to fit your needs and target audience.


It's Time to...

Redesign Awesome

From design to implementation, let's create something visually stunning, responsive, and exciting to interact with.


It's Time to...

Keep It Simple

We work with you to create projects that are functional, intuitive, and easy to maintain.


It's Time to...

Mix it Up

Let us innovate together, utilizing the latest technologies and experimenting in other digital realms.

Website Design & Development

From design concepts to go live, our team works with you to create a fully responsive, dynamic website with custom pages and must-have features.


Business Identity & Branding
Business Identity & Branding
SEO & Local Search Optimization
SEO & Local Search Optimization
Drone Footage
Drone Footage
Video Production
Video Production

Mixed Reality & Technology

Looking for experimental and immersive technology? Our custom solution builds a virtual experience that is both interactive and engaging to your target audience.

Mobile App|Digital Kiosk|AR|VR

Our Vision

Every business, entrepreneur, and nonprofit organization has a story to share. You are a local small business owner with grateful clients who love your products and customer service. You are a creative innovator with an idea that could change the world...or maybe just the community to start. You are a passionate cause raising awareness and rallying support across the region. You are a blogger sharing wisdom and personal experience with future generations of parents, teachers, students, hobbyists, and professionals.

No matter what your story may be, let us share it together in today's digital landscape. Our vision is to provide simple, elegant creative design solutions for your purpose. From an affordable microsite to an online virtual storefront or interactive kiosk, Lexington Creative Design is pleased to assist in making your project fully realized and implemented to the highest level of standards and satisfaction. Your project should be responsive, intuitive, and beautiful. And for those using the website—or interacting with your digital display—their response should simply be "Wow."

Why Choose LexCD?

Affordable, realistic, targeted solutions

Customized design to fit your business needs

Local support to keep your solution stable and active

Training to stay current and confident in your solution

Ready to Let Free Your Creativity?

We would love for the opportunity to work together on your next project, helping to bring your creative vision to life! Whether it is a new responsive website, branding package, marketing strategy, or digital kiosk, Lexington Creative Design is ready to assist.

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