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It's Time...to make it beautiful.

From design to implementation, let's create something visually stunning, exciting, and ultimately fun to interact with.

It's Time...to keep it simple.

We work with you to create projects that are functional, intuitive, and easy to maintain.

It's Time...to mix it up.

Let us innovate together, utilizing the latest technologies and experimenting in other digital realms.

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Our Vision

Responsive, Intuitive, Beautiful...

Every business, entrepreneur, and nonprofit organization has a story to share. You are a local small business owner with grateful clients who love your products and customer service. You are a creative innovator with an idea that could change the world...or maybe just the neighborhood to start. You are a passionate cause raising awareness and rallying support within our community. You are a blogger sharing wisdom and personal experience with future generations of parents, teachers, students, hobbyists, and professionals.

No matter what your story may be, let us share it together in today's digital landscape. Our vision is to provide simple, elegant creative design solutions for your purpose. From an affordable microsite to an online virtual storefront or interactive kiosk, Lexington Creative Design is pleased to assist in making your project fully realized and implemented to the highest level of standards and satisfaction. Your project should be responsive, intuitive, and beautiful. And for those using the website—or interacting with your digital display—their response should simply be "Wow."

It's Time...for Tech in the Bluegrass

In the heart of the Bluegrass, among the horses and bourbon, lies Lexington, Kentucky. A beautiful area surrounded by green hills and horse farms, our city is bustling with innovators, engineers, artists, and hardworking professionals. The community is growing...smart people are taking fresh concepts and creating new tech. Local businesses are supporting each other, and we are successfully growing through collaboration and innovation.

Lexington Creative Design is excited to help others thrive online and utilize new trends to improve their business.

So, whether it is a one-time event or an ongoing business need, let us help you with your project. Together, let's make your business successful. And let's also help Lexington, KY become the focal point of technological interest and achievement.

It's Time...to Collaborate

At Lexington Creative Design, we love to work with fellow innovators and local entrepreneurs in the area. If you need assistance, then Let's Collaborate on your next creative project.

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My LexCreatIve

Lexington Creative Design is All About Inspiration

What are you passionate about? Is it a new endeavor? A breathtaking adventure? A worthy cause? Your project is exciting, and we want to help however we can.


We are a creative design team based in Lexington, Kentucky. Through our vision and our owner's award-winning approach to creative design, we share a unified mission with local innovators, nonprofits, and small businesses: To inspire and be inspired.

With that inspiration, we have started the MyLexCreative initiative. We'll share stories, snippets, and ideas across social media on what inspires us. We will also work to collaborate on new and creative projects as we stumble upon them. If you have something in mind, be sure to Contact Us with details.

Our Work

So, what's next? We have several creative projects we are pursuing and implementing at this time. We look forward to sharing our progress here soon.

Ready to let free your creativity? Contact us today!

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